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Basic Facts


Unplugged (Gyvai)


Unplugged is a school-based prevention programme based on the comprehensive social influence approach, targeted to adolescents  aged 12-14 years and aimed to reduce the initiation, the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs. It was conducted in seven European countries, known as the EU-Dap project. The programme has been evaluated in a large European collaborative randomised controlled trial (EU-Dap). The programme consists of 12 lessons and 3 seminars for parents. The content of the programme includes information about alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs, and combines life skills and normative beliefs.


UNPLUGGED program was created in EU-Dap project, which was funded by the European Commission. The IKEA Social Initiative funded the translation, adaptation and dissemination of UNPLUGGED programme in Lithuania.


  • National


The unplugged programme aims to provide healthy, drug free adolescence.

The main objectives are to increase health related awareness and knowledge of social influences, to improve knowledge, attitudes and skills concerning health behaviours and drug use, to reduce the use of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis and to reduce the likelihood of future drug abuse.


Stakeholder Involvement

  • Intermediate target group
  • Researchers
  • Prevention practitioners

Logic Model

Scientific: UNPLUGGED programme is based on Comprehensive Social Influence model where behaviours are introduced and trained to strengthen attitudes and skills that aid in resisting pressures towards drug use. The interactive methods used in those programmes are focused on enhancing competence to integrate relations and a strong social web in the approach to drugs and drug use.

Elements Of Plan

  • Literature review and/or formative research
  • Detailed plan of action
  • Financial plan
  • Time schedule
  • Partners' agreement
  • Evaluation plan


Time Frame

  • Continuous

Target Group

  • Adolescents
  • Parents

Communication Channel

  • Social media
  • Website
  • E-mail
  • Meetings/conferences with experts/colleagues
  • Direct communication
  • Guidelines
  • Scientific publications

Core Activities

Translation and publication of materials, 2 days training session for teachers, social pedagogues and psychologist, consultations and evaluation meetings. 

Supportive activities

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Team meetings





  • Process
  • Impact
  • Outcome


The EU-Dap UNPLUGGED programme has a preventive effect on early onset of drug use and on the transition of experimental to frequent use. The effect has more influence on boys than on girls. The effectiveness of Unplugged intervention after 2nd questionnaire (3 months post intervention) showed 30 % reduction of daily smoking, 28 % reduction of recent drunkenness and 23 % reduction of experimenting cannabis.

Follow Up

After the adaptation and piloting Unplugged in Lithuania, the follow-up evaluation was organized.

Additional Information



Contact person: Bernadeta Lazauninkaite

Organization: Mentor Lithuania

Address: Gedimino av. 12, Vilnius

Country: Lithuania

Telephone number: +370 61 1278 72

E-mail address:

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