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Basic Facts


No alcohol under 16 years - We stick on it!


No alcohol under 16 years - We stick on it!

in Luxembourgish: Keen Alkohol ënner 16 Joer. Mir halen eis drun!

Since May 2007, Ministry of Health, CePT (National Prevention Center for Addictions) and "Alcohol" multidisciplinary working group promote adults’ social responsibility towards children and adolescents in points of sale (incl. petrol stations) and catering industry (community approach).


  • National/regional/local government
  • Education/public health/research institution
  • Non-governmental organisation


  • National
  • Regional
  • Local


  • Ensure comprehension and respect of the current legislation
  • Promote adults’ social responsibility towards children and adolescents
  • Protect children and adolescents from the harmful effects of an early initiation of alcohol consumption


Stakeholder Involvement

  • Target group(s)
  • Intermediate target group
  • Government
  • Civil society (NGOs)

Logic Model

Scientific: Theory of Social Learning (Bandura)

Elements Of Plan

  • Literature review and/or formative research
  • Needs assessment
  • Detailed plan of action
  • Financial plan
  • Human resource management plan
  • Time schedule
  • Partners' agreement
  • Communication plan
  • Evaluation plan


Time Frame

  • Continuous

Target Group

  • General Population
  • Adults
  • Parents

Communication Channel

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspaper/magazines
  • Billboards
  • Brochures/leaflets/items
  • Telephone/mobile
  • Website
  • E-mail
  • Meetings/conferences with experts/colleagues
  • Direct communication
  • Guidelines
  • Scientific publications

Network communication with:

- national representation of municipalities (Syndicat des Villes et Communes Luxembourgeoises),

- national and local police.

Core Activities

  • Press conference;
  • Distribution of campaign material (posters, stickers, booklets, flyers for points of sale/supermarkets and hospitality sector, guidelines and checklists for the organization of parties and other public events);
  • Information letter/e-mail to parents with children aged from 12 to 16 years by their municipality;
  • Realization of alcohol-free events in the municipality;
  • Support of a good implementation of the legislation by the local police (campaign publicity before the event, age control at the entry);
  • Training sessions for school employers and teachers, social workers in youth centres;
  • Implementation of alternative activities for adolescents aged between 12 and 15 years by local youth clubs;
  • Decision that the "Late Night Bus" (which assures the transport to specific parties) doesn't carry adolescents aged < 16 years.

Supportive activities

  • Training
  • Team meetings
  • Helpdesk





  • Impact
  • Outcome


The results of the scientific evaluation, realized by the University of Luxembourg were published in 2012 in a publication called Local network creation as strategic concept in the prevention Evaluation of an awareness campaign for reduction of harmful alcohol consumption in adolescence.


SORES Research project (University of Luxembourg): "Social responsibility as a strategic conception of prevention work", 2009-2012.

Follow Up


Additional Information



Contact person: Dr Simone Steil /Silke Gansen

Organization: Division de la Médecine Préventive

Address: Allée Marconi – Villa LouvignyL-2120 Luxembourg

Country: Luxembourg

Telephone number: +352 247 855 60

E-mail address: / 

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